Revolverheld’s ‘Lass Uns Gehen’ Tells You Unstress Your Life — Repeat Rotation Video

revolverheld lass uns gehen

German rock band Revolverheld’s ‘Lass Uns Gehen’ tells you ‘unstress your life’

In my opinion, German band Revolverheld is one of the best rock bands to come out of Europe. They produce some gorgeous rock songs, but songs that always have a beautiful melody to go along with that wonderful rock beat and those fabulous guitars. Which is one reason why I’m listening to Revolverheld’s ‘Lass Uns Gehen‘ as my Repeat Rotation Video today.

Revolverheld has been around since 2002, but have only gone by the name Revolverheld since 2004. They currently have four albums out, the last one, Immer In Bewegung, was released in 2013, hitting the number nine spot on the German album charts and number three in Austria.

As for ‘Lass Uns Gehen‘, it’s just a gorgeous rock song with an equally beautiful video, both of which convey the message that we all really need to get away from the stresses of life sometimes. Away from the too many people, and the pollution of city life, to something more relaxed and more beautiful — even if you’re just a child.

Hallo, hallo
Bist du auch so gelangweilt,
Genervt und gestresst von der Enge der Stadt
Bist du nicht auch längst schon müde
der Straßen, der Menschen, der Massen
Hast du das nicht satt?

Hello Hello
Are you bored,
Annoyed and stressed out from the confines of the city
Are you also not long ago tired of
the streets, the people, the masses
Have you not had enough?

Watch Revolverhead’s official video for ‘Lass Uns Gehen‘ below. And, as usual with my Repeat Rotation Video’s, play it loud, with headphones and…..dancing.

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