Ricky Gervais Explains How He Learned to Write (Video)

ricky gervais how he learned to write

When I think of amazing British writers, I always think of Ricky Gervais.

One of the smartest, funniest and most interesting of writers, yet a writer who creates material about the ordinary everyday people we know in our own lives. The bullying office manager, the out of work actor, the guy who works in the local old folks home. The ordinary people that are often overlooked.

And today, when I watched this short interview with Ricky Gervais, where he explains how he learned to write, I realized once more why I think he is a genius.

It is because Gervais does write about the ordinary and yet, like he explains in this interview, he “makes the ordinary extraordinary”.

Watch Ricky Gervais talking about how he learned to write in the video below.

And watch his face when he talks about the ‘proudest moment of my life’. You know he still finds it incredibly touching.

Michelle Topham