Ricky Gervais Talks About ‘Derek’ to Graham Norton: Shocking Everyone is So Lovely (Video)

ricky gervais on graham norton talking about derek

This is cute – Ricky Gervais talking about ‘Derek’ to Graham Norton, and how happy he is that the comments he gets about the show from most people are so sweet and ‘lovely’. It’s apparently not something he’s completely used to.

Surprisingly too, Gervais said he’s used a lot of material for Derek from things that have happened to family members over the years, as many of them have worked in nursing homes and care facilities.

He also tells Norton that many of the people that appear in the mockumentary are actually old people who do live in retirement homes and so not always actual actors.


Watch the video below for more. I love Ricky Gervais; he’s a lovely, lovely man. But he’s even lovelier than normal here – although, of course, still as screamingly funny.


Michelle Topham