Rixton at Radio 1 Teen Awards: Talk About Teenage Girls and Arya Stark

rixton on the red carpet radio 1 teen awards


British pop band Rixton seemed a little bit taken aback by how many teenage girls were at the Radio 1 Teen Awards this weekend. So many, in fact, Jake Roche said “I didn’t know there were that many teenage girls in England, and it feels like they’re all here today, which is very strange”.


The rest of the band went onto agree “Yep, they’re all here today”.

Rixton was also asked who they thought should get the teen awards. “Arya Stark” was one response. “Just because she’s stood there, and she’s incredible” – so it turns out Rixton are big Game of Thrones fans as well. Nice.

They even had some lovely things to say about Robert Downey, Jr.

For more on what Rixton had to say at the Radio 1 Teen Awards, watch the red carpet video below. Nice lads, eh?

Michelle Topham