Rixton on Touring With Ariana Grande: So Excited, They Can’t Wait (Video)

rixton on tour with ariana grande


British band Rixton were at the┬áCapital FM’s Jingle Bell Ball a couple of days ago, where they talked to ODE about who they’d like to collaborate with as well as on how they feel about Rixton touring with Ariana Grande.

“We can’t wait”, was the response from just about every band member, which is not surprising at all considering how big Ariana Grande now is, and how much more exposure Rixton will get as a result of the tour.

“We’re just all about playing live shows. That’s what we’ve been about for like six years now. Throw anything at us. We can’t wait”.

As for what the Rixton lads want for Christmas? Watch the ODE video below to find out.


Michelle Topham