Robin Williams’ Daughter Zelda: A Woman I Would Love to Know

zelda williams contrariwise


I first started out writing this article about Zelda Williams, the daughter of the lovely Robin who we are all going to miss so much, because of Twitter. I wanted to talk about Zelda’s reemergence on Twitter today, with a quotation directed at the people whose bullying forced her off the platform several weeks ago, just days after her father died.

But then I arrived at Zelda Williams’ Tumblr account and saw what she is writing there, and not only did some of it break my heart, it also made me adore her.


Now, I don’t know anything about Zelda Williams except for two facts that have stuck in my head from somewhere I once must have read them. She was named after Princess Zelda in the Legend of Zelda video game series, and she’s a fellow video game player.

I now have to add to that — Zelda Williams is a gifted writer, an outspoken critic of bigots, homophobes, racists and, yes, assholes, and one incredibly strong woman.

With the hope she won’t mind that I post a couple of quotes here, these are just some of her thoughts that caught me:

From a post titled “Dear Trolls” –

I am not a ‘dyke’ or a ‘yid’. I’m not a man in drag nor a failed abortion. What I AM is someone who doesn’t have to put up with someone else’s shit and ‘take it’ like I keep being told. Sorry, despite how many times it’s parroted back at me from whichever other dipshit was heard saying it first, that is NOT my job, nor the job of any other human with a pair of lips and a middle finger. (read the rest here)

And this:


In my mind, to deny any consenting adult the right to love (as with some countries), to marry (as with ours), to benefit as others do simply because of a difference in sex, religion, orientation or skin color, is to rob that person of their individual expression and rights as a civilized human being. I for one am much more afraid of being remembered as a generation that denied them that than one that left behind the last vestiges of certain antiquated values… and yet there is still resistance. Where does it come from? (there’s more)

Now that’s a woman I would love to know.

Michelle Topham