Rogue Legacy Released on GOG: Best Platformer of the Year? (Video Trailer)

Out of the roughly 250 games I play every year, maybe two of them are platformer games. Why? Because I’m just not a huge platformer fan. So, when I saw that Rogue Legacy had released on GOG yesterday, my first reaction was “Meh, another platformer. Nothing for me”. And then, luckily, I clicked on the Rogue Legacy video trailer just to be sure and HOLY COW — it seems, whether I like platformers or not, Rogue Legacy just may be the best platformer of the year and a ‘must buy’ for me.

In Rogue Legacy, you don’t get to play just one little guy bouncing around on boxes, climbing up ladders and getting killed every two minutes only to be reincarnated so you can try again. Oh no. In this platformer, you will end up playing possibly 50 characters or more throughout your gameplay life. Why? Because every time you die in game you’ll go off to that platformer heaven in your computer and your “child” will succeed you.

But, as every child is unique, you could end up with one that’s brilliantly perfect with an IQ of genius level and a full head of hair or a fat, farting dwarf with dandruff and halitosis. How’s that for something unique?

On top of that, when you do die, your child also inherits your money. That gives him, or her, an opportunity to upgrade the family manor house, thus adding even more prestige to the family. Have I persuaded you yet?


Rogue Legacy released on GOG just yesterday and, whether it is the best platformer of the year or not, it’s going to be a good one. You only have to read reviews from gaming geniuses like Rock, Paper, Shotgun, who said “I cannot imagine a world in which Rogue Legacy is not a hit”, to know this game should be top of your list.

And, at only $14.99 on GOG, it’s affordable as well.

Michelle Topham