Rosamund Pike Went Out on a Blind Date with a Fan Because Judi Dench Told Her To


According to British actress Rosamund Pike, when Judi Dench tells you to do something, you do it.

So much so, Rosamund told Graham Norton on his show this week, she actually went on a blind date with a fan, because Judi Dench told her to.

The story goes, Pike received a letter from a fan saying no matter which man she was with at that point in time, he was not the right person for her. The fan was her destined person instead.

So Rosamund talked about the letter to her cast mates in the play Madame de Sade she was performing in at that time.

Unfortunately for Pike, Dame Judi Dench was also in the cast and commented to Rosamund, “You have to go to dinner with him”.

Pike replied, “Do I? But we don’t know anything about him. So she said, “Let’s look him up on the Internet”.

The pair looked him up, found out he sold kitchens and Rosamund then arranged to go out on a date with him. How did the date go?

Watch Rosamund Pike telling Graham Norton about going out on a date with a fan because Judi Dench told her she had to in the video below, and you will find out.