RuPaul’s comebacks are perfect for every situation, but Lucille Ball’s was the best

American drag queen, actor and host RuPaul was a guest on The Graham Norton Show last night where he treated Graham and fellow guests Helen Mirren and Jack Whitehall to his best comebacks.

Comebacks that are perfect for every situation and for everyone you want to diss.

According to the iconic drag queen, his favorite comebacks are:

“I’ll be the judge of that”.

“Thanks for the warning”.

“I don’t see how that’s any of your business”.

Short sentences you can say to anyone, and in answer to any statement or any question.

RuPaul then went on to give the same advice he gives the contestants on his show — RuPaul’s Drag Race — when they are not sure what to say in a social situation.

“For small talk, you can have a list of 10 things to say that work in every situation always”.

Write them down, memorize them and then use them. No matter who it is you’re talking to.

But it was Graham Norton taking about Lucille Ball’s best comeback that made not only the audience laugh, but RuPaul absolutely howl.

“Oh god, I’ll be using that. I love that”, he laughed.

What was Lucille Ball’s best comeback? Watch the funny video from The Graham Norton Show below to find out.

RuPaul was on The Graham Norton Show to promote the first season of Drag Race UK. That show will be premiering on BBC Three on October 3rd.

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