Russia’s Polina Gagarina Sings ‘A Million Voices’ Live at Eurovision 2015 Grand Final – Repeat Rotation Video

polina gagarina a million voices russia live eurovision final 2015

Russia’s Polina Gagarina performs ‘A Million Voices’ live at Eurovision 2015 final

Polina Gagarina’s Eurovision song ‘A Million Voices was one of my favorite songs at Eurovision 2015, so I was happy to see her end up in second place behind Sweden’s Måns Zelmerlöw.


Today, I’m watching Polina Gagarina’s live performance of ‘A Million Voices’ at the Eurovision final for my Repeat Rotation Video. It’s a great song, Gagarina gave an amazing performance of it, and she deserved to be in the Top 3.

She didn’t, however, deserve the booing she got from the idiots in the audience, as it’s not her fault Russia has anti-LGBTI laws that belong in the Middle Ages.

Remember that the next time you’re at a concert and ready to boo an artist because of the country they come from. Yep. You’re an idiot.

Now listen to, and watch, Polina Gagarina’s live performance of ‘A Million Voices‘ at the Eurovision 2015 final. She was amazing.