Sam Smith and Sisters Get Matching Tattoos for Christmas


The fabulous British singer Sam Smith just spent his Christmas Eve at home doing something fun with his two sisters. Getting matching tattoos.


The trio headed to a UK tattoo parlor where Sam tweeted photos of before shots of the three of them (how cute are his sisters!!), of himself ‘all tatted up’, and then a gorgeous black and white photo of the finished tattoos.

So what did Sam Smith and his sisters choose to have inked on their bodies? The roman numeral III because, I’m guessing, there are three of them. How cool is that?

Sam also had the tattoos on his fingers touched up – those tats are the gender symbol for ‘male’, just in case you’re interested.

So I’ll just say, Merry Christmas, Sam. And, yep, absolutely loving your tats and, of course, your adorable sisters.

(For a photo of the finished tattoos, see below)


Michelle Topham