Sam Smith Got Hot, Although I Always Thought He Was Cute (Video)

sam smith hot

Sam Smith just got hot

Let me start this off by saying I always thought Sam Smith was cute. Even when Smith was talking about having lifelong issues with body image and being called ‘fat’, I was always thinking “Fat? Where?” as, to me, he was just an average-sized guy who just happened to also be cute.

But, I just finished watching Sam Smith performing on the CANAL + show Le Grand Journal, and from the minute the video started it struck me. Sam Smith is hot.

And then I remembered vaguely reading something about Smith going on a healthy diet and exercise program so he could drop some of the excess weight he felt he was carrying around. A diet and exercise program that, apparently, caused Sam Smith to drop 14 lbs in just two weeks, and then continue to drop weight since.

Now, I’m not a big believer in pointing out someone’s weight, whether it’s because they’re at an unhealthy weight or they’ve lost a lot, as I have always felt society concentrates far more on how someone looks than who they are inside and, to me, that’s shallow and unimportant.

But, when someone like Sam Smith has lost so much weight and obviously feels good about it, I do think it’s a good thing to applaud that. And then mention as an afterthought, “Boy, Sam Smith is hot”.

As for how he lost the weight? His Instagram account is helpful there, as he’s been sharing photos of his weight loss and the exercise he’s been doing.

Smith also uploaded a photo of himself holding the book he says has made him “feel happy inside and out” (and that’s what it should be all about, let’s face it).

The book is called ‘Eat. Nourish. Glow’ and it’s by nutritional therapist Amelia Freer. Sam says it’s changed his life.

All I can say is whatever the reason for the weight loss, Sam looks lovely (and hot) and, if he’s happier because of it, more power to him.

Now watch him performing ‘I’m Not The Only One’ on Le Grand Journal in the video below. Hot, right?


Michelle Topham