Sam Smith Has To “Grab His Balls” to Sing ‘Writing’s On The Wall’ He Tells Graham Norton

sam smith writing's on the wall graham norton

Only on British TV can Sam Smith say “I have to grab my balls” and it’s just a regular daily occurrence. Because, yep, Sam Smith was on The Graham Norton Show last Friday where he had his world premiere of the live performance of his Spectre song ‘Writing’s On The Wall‘ and, in the segment before he sang, that’s exactly what he said.

Now, why does Sam Smith have to grab his balls? Because, according to him, the song is “horrible to sing”, as it’s so high it’s really difficult to reach those notes. Even for him. The one who wrote the song.

Smith said he’d only ever sung the song once before. In the studio when he did the demo for the James Bond folks. A demo they actually used for the movie, without Smith ever having to record another bar.


And the short segment of Sam Smith talking about ‘Writing’s On The Wall’ with Graham Norton was even more interesting to me than the fact he apparently has to grab his balls. (He didn’t while he was singing the song a few minutes later. Just in case you’re wondering).

Because what was interesting here was, as he speaks, you can tell Smith is actually quite nervous and self-conscious, as every time he makes a comment or talks to one of the other guests sitting on the same sofa, he then clarifies what he meant.

But what’s great is, the comment itself is often quite funny, but when he clarifies it he’s even funnier.

Watch Sam Smith talking about Spectre’s ‘Writing On The Wall’ on The Graham Norton Show, and then watch him sing the song, in the videos below.

His performance, by the way, is superb, although you can tell throughout he is incredibly nervous while singing it.


As for Spectre, it released in the UK yesterday, and will see an American release on November 6th.


Michelle Topham