Sandi Toksvig says she’s “happy with her life choices” after dealing with the men of QI

Sandi Toksvig says she’s “happy with her life choices”

The fabulous Danish-British comedian, writer, presenter and actor Sandi Toksvig, the host of the popular BBC Two TV quiz show QI, had to spend several minutes on stage in the company of Bill Bailey and Alan Davies this week, while they waxed on about “cities built on hills”.

So much so, at the end of the men’s three-minute backwards and forwards about which cities are on hills and which are flat, Toksvig ended it by stating “When I am in the company of men in a group like this, I feel happy about my life choices”, which earned huge laughter and applause from the audience, and a loud laugh from Alan Davies himself.

Toksvig, of course, is gay.

The hilarious ‘cities built on hills’ discussion began when Sandi Toksvig asked the QI panel how many hills Rome was built on? After they had gone through every number from 7 on downwards, fellow panelist Australian comedian Colin Lane announced “eight”, and won the round.

Toksvig followed it up by saying “There are 75 cities around the world that claim to have been built on seven hills”.

But, of course, being themselves, Bill Bailey and Alan Davies then had to announce which other cities were on hills, and which were not.

“Lisbon’s very hilly”, said Alan Davies. “They have a funicular railway. Edingburgh is hilly…”.

“Okay, let’s top doing places that are hilly”, said Toksvig.

Bill Bailey then responded with “Holland’s completely flat…” and the two men were off.

Toksvig tried to rope them in for a couple of minutes, asked if the mini flag she was holding was “sharp enough to kill someone” and then, when she succeeded in finally getting the two comedians to shut up, announced she was most definitely “happy with her life choices”.

Have to say, some days, I wish I could make the same life choices she has made.

Watch the hilarious QI snippet ‘How many hills was Rome built on?’ below. Then be thankful you don’t have to get trapped in a room with Alan Davies and Bill Bailey.

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