Watch Sanna Nielsen Sing ‘Undo’ at Eurovision 2014 in this lovely Eurovision moment

sanna nielsen undo eurovision final

Just in case you missed this lovely Eurovision moment when it first happened, I am featuring Sweden’s Sanna Nielsen singing ‘Undo‘ at the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 this week.


For two reasons.

Undo‘ was one of the best songs of the competition and Sanna Nielsen’s performance one of the most beautiful.

In fact, if it wasn’t for the fabulous Austrian singer Conchita Wurst and her win, I would definitely have picked Sanna as my favorite.

Another reason why I am featuring Sanna singing ‘Undo‘ at the Eurovision final as my Eurovision moment today, however, is even more important.

Because, when Conchita Wurst was announced the winner at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, Sanna was one of the first contestants to jump up and scream wildly — and show her support for Conchita’s win.

And, in an interview after the final was over, Sanna Nielsen was nothing but kind, sweet and incredibly complimentary about Conchita Wurst saying how happy she was she had won and adding “We love you”.

Now there is an artist it is nice to support. In fact, I have loved and supported Sanna Nielsen ever since because of it.

Enjoy her amazing performance below, and enjoy this lovely Eurovision moment.


Michelle Topham