Sarah Jessica Parker to Star in and Produce ‘Divorce’ for HBO

Sarah_Jessica_Parker nobel peace prize ceremony
photo copyright Bjoertvedt, Creative Commons license


According to TVLine, everyone’s favorite New York girl, Sarah Jessica Parker, is all set to star in and produce ‘Divorce‘ a new half-hour comedy for HBO. The new comedy series is to be written by Sharon Horgan, best known for writing and starring in the hilarious BBC series ‘Pulling‘, and will chronicle the trials and tribulations of a woman caught up in the longest divorce, well, ever.


Interestingly too, while rumours have been rife lately about a possible new ‘Sex and the City‘ movie, this is the first time we’ve heard of Sarah Jessica Parker starring in ‘Divorce‘ for HBO.

Not that you’ll get any complaints from me. I’ll watch everything Sarah Jessica does, from riding around in a car talking to Seinfeld, to starring in the worst movie ever (‘Sex and the City 2‘).

As it stands now, there isn’t much more information available about ‘Divorce‘ except that the deal is nearing completion. Yay.


Michelle Topham