Sarah Silverman is Not Marrying Michael Sheen: Tells It Like It Is on Twitter

sarah silverman
photo copyright Kevintporter – Creative Commons License


I love comedian Sarah Silverman, as there’s hardly another person in the entertainment world who ‘tells it like it is’. So, I wasn’t surprised to see her latest stream of tweets on Twitter this morning in response to the ‘news’ story ‘Sarah Silverman is marrying Welsh actor Michael Sheen’. Er…..she’s not, and she has no problems telling you why that is.

According to Sheen in her first tweet:



Which is hilarious if you know anything about Sarah as she’s always said she would never get married. Simply doesn’t believe in it — archaic institution, It’s still a religious ‘thing’ in many respects and she’s not, has always said she will never get married until all same-sex couples have the exact same right — you know, the stuff people like me also believe in (do you wonder why I like her so much?)

Which is why, in her second tweet, she went on to say:


She definitely has a point. And, finally, just in case we’re still not sure how she really feels:



Well, there is that too. So, thanks Sarah for clarifying that for those who, well………just don’t have a clue. As always, you’re lovely.

Michelle Topham