Sasaki and Miyano ending theme ‘Ichigo Sunset’ is so cool — I want a full version!

Now here is an anime theme song I am desperate to get in a full-length version — ‘Ichigo Sunset‘ by Yusuke Shirai and Soma Saito. (Update: There is now a full version of the track below, plus an EP. Yay!)

Ichigo Sunset‘ (in English ‘Strawberry Sunset‘), of course, is the ending theme song for the currently airing Boys’ Love anime series Sasaki and Miyano.

An anime I am now obsessed with due to its cute story, adorable characters, gorgeous art style and that lovely piano music that plays all through it.

And an anime, I might add, that has two exceptionally good theme songs book-ending each episode —Mabataki‘ by Miracle Chimpanzee, as the Sasaki and Miyano opening theme song, and the aforementioned ‘Ichigo Sunset‘ by Yusuke Shirai and Soma Saito for its closing.

To me what makes ‘Ichigo Sunset‘ such a standout ending theme song for this Boys’ Love anime is that it is sung by the anime’s lead voice actors — Yusuke Shirai plays Shūmei Sasaki, while Soma Saito voices Yoshikazu Miyano — and is performed in such a way the two male voice actors add even more depth to the show’s characters themselves.

And, because it ends every episode, its lyrics cement in our hearts the feelings Sasaki has for Miyano. Feelings we hope Miyano will eventually return:

My eyes twinkle when I turn around
Because he stopped me
Let’s eat sweets that are not sweet
So sweet, my heart
Let’s go home together after school
Take a roundabout way
The heart is dyed in the sunset
A strawberry color

Unfortunately, while the single version of Miracle Chimps ‘Mabataki‘ has already been released, there is no word yet on the fate of Yusuke Shirai and Soma Saito’s ‘Ichigo Sunset‘.

Fingers crossed it will also get a full version release before Sasaki and Miyano ends, as it is such an upbeat, fun and sweet song.

Update: You can now listen to the full version of the Sasaki and Miyano ending theme song ‘Ichigo Sunset’ in the video, and on the anime’s EP below.

Arrrgggh, my heart!


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