Sasaki and Miyano OP theme ‘Mabataki’ by Miracle Chimpanzee lyric video out — man, that’s a cool song

Miracle Chimpanzee’s ‘Mabataki‘ lyric video shows the Sasaki and Miyano OP is a standout in a full-length track

I should probably give the yaoi anime Sasaki and Miyano a second chance, as half the anime fandom is now going bonkers over it.

Honestly, I did like the premise — one guy reading BL manga but convincing himself he isn’t gay, the other guy not reading it but knowing he is — but I bailed after episode 2 as the main characters annoyed the hell out of me.

Maybe a second viewing will have me seeing what everyone else obviously sees and loves about the yaoi anime?

One thing I did like about the anime series though was the Sasaki and Miyano OP theme ‘Mabataki’ by Miracle Chimpanzee.

The song is an apt illustration to the feelings Sasaki and Miyano must have as they start to fall in love, and I enjoyed that.

I mention this because today is the official release day for ‘Mabataki’ by Miracle Chimpanzee, and the Japanese rock band has released a lyric video for the Sasaki and Miyano OP theme for fans to enjoy.

The video appears on the official Nippon Columbia YouTube channel, and although it is as boring of a lyric video as you can possibly get, the song still stands up as cool in its newly released full-length form.

‘Mabataki‘ by the way means ‘Blink‘ in English.

Miracle Chimpanzee’s ‘Mabataki‘ is out today in Japan.

The Japanese rock band’s most recent single ‘Rhythm of the Sun‘ also came out last year and has a similarly smooth and sweetly upbeat feel. You can hear that on the Spotify player embedded below the ‘Mabataki‘ video.


Mabataki‘ by Miracle Chimpanzee CD cover art


The Sasaki and Miyano anime is based on the slice of life manga series by Shō Harusono. Fans are rating it as one of the top series of the Winter 2022 anime season so far.

Here are the dates of all four seasons so you know in future when each one kicks off.

All released episodes of the anime are now streaming on Funimation outside Asia. Yeah, okay, you twisted my arm, I will give it a second watch.

Update, April, 2022: So, I watched every episode of Sasaki and Miyano and can I just say “WHAT THE HELL WAS WRONG WITH ME?” when I checked out the first episode?

This is one of the best anime series I have ever watched and, mind you, not one of the best ‘Yaoi’ anime‘, but one of the best anime of any genre of anime I have seen in over 10 years of anime watching. I bloody loved it.

In other words, ignore what I said before. Because I must have lost my mind.


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