Scythe: Digital Edition, a faithful adaptation of the popular board game now available on Steam

Scythe: Digital Edition is a faithful adaptation of the popular board game

Tabletop to video game adaptations have become incredibly popular in recent years. Particularly for those people who love to play against the AI or against other people online.

Some of the most popular tabletop to video game adaptations currently include Lords of Waterdeep, Talisman, Ticket To Ride, Twilight Struggle, Carcassonne and Risk.

One of the upcoming games that is causing a lot of interest, however, is Scythe: Digital Edition — a popular board game that now has a digital strategy game being developed by Asmodee Digital and The Knights of Unity, and is already available in Early Access on Steam.

Scythe: Digital Edition is set in a post World War I alternative timeline in Europa where you control one of five factions –Saxony Empire, Crimean Khanate, Rusviet Union, Polania Republic or Nordic Kingdom — and win the game by conquering the independent city-state of “The Factory”.

The game runs on an hexagonal grid where you explore to find new regions, expand by claiming new territories, and gather resources to feed your army and provide power to your production mechanisms. You then fight to assert your dominance and ultimately win the game.

Check out the quickie trailer put together by PC Gamer in cooperation with Asmodee Digital below, and then watch actual Scythe: Digital Edition gameplay in Gateway To Gaming’s video below that to get more of an idea about how the strategy game actually plays.

As you will see, Scythe: Digital Edition has gorgeous artwork, beautiful music and a lovely design, and sticks pretty closely to the original Scythe board game.

One of the few complaints about the game that is coming from various people who have already played it is the tutorials for the game are extremely limited, and are in a very strange order.

So learning how to play the game, if you have not played it before, can be a bit frustrating. That being said, The Knights of Unity have the strategy game in early access as they want feedback from anyone playing it, so they can figure out what isn’t working with the game and fix it.

We want to build the digital edition with the input of its players and we’re very interested in the feedback of the veterans of the original board game, especially on the fine-tuning of the AI. It’s also important for us to help new players to learn how to play Scythe through our tutorials: we look foward to hear from experienced and beginner players on this topic.

If you enjoy digital strategy games that look like board games, or you have already played Scythe the board game edition, why not pick up Scythe: Digital Edition and give them a hand with that?

You can currently buy Scythe: Digital Edition on Steam.




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