Sean Hayes’ First Tap Dancing Lesson Hurt His Knees So Much He Stopped (Video)

sean hayes ellen tap dancing lessons

The fabulous and hilarious actor Sean Hayes was back on Ellen this week, where he talked about many things.

The celebration for director James Burrows coming up in the next few weeks, which, yes, does include cast members from ‘Friends‘, ‘Cheers’, ‘Frasier’ and ‘Will and Grace‘ but, no, it is not a ‘reunion’ in any shape or form. Really. It’s not.


Making a Murderer‘ and whether or not Steven Avery is guilty of the murder he was convicted of. Ellen DeGeneres thinks he is not. Sean Hayes isn’t sure.

Hayes then went on to talk about taking tap dancing lessons, as he figured it would be much more fun than cycling to burn calories. Sadly, though, after just one hour of Hayes’ first tap dancing class, it messed up his knees so badly he never went back.

Watch Sean Hayes on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week talking about whatever popped into his or her head. And, yes, he was as entertaining and funny as always. Just love the guy.