Seckaiichi Hatsukoi ending theme ‘Ashita,Boku wa Kimi ni Ai ni Yuku’ is so addictive — Listen!

As my absolute obsession with the anime series based on Shungiku Nakamura‘s manga (Junjou Romantica and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi) continues, today my head is stuck on the Seckaiichi Hatsukoi ending theme song for Season 1 of the Boys’ Love anime.

The Seckaiichi Hatsukoi theme is called ‘Ashita,Boku wa Kimi ni Ai ni Yuku‘ by Wakaba.


Not only does the song have the sweetest piano-based intro, coolest beat and most heart-flutter inducing vocals, the lyrics are just utterly perfect for the relationship between Masamune and Onodera.

Lyrics like:

Simply liking you won’t satisfy me.
Simply admiring you won’t satiate me.
Today, too, the only thing real is my loneliness.
If I go see you now, I’ll surely end up crying.

I fell in love with you.
In a sunset, filled with the scent of the wind,
when I recall your voice and your smiles,
I immediately become happy.

I fell in love with you,
but I haven’t been able to tell anyone yet.
When I recall your voice and the way you talk,
even though I’m alone I’ll become happy.

The feeling of loneliness…forlorn.
The feeling of love…sparkling.
As I’m unable to differentiate between these two feelings,
my heart becomes slowly crushed in the sunset.

Isn’t that beautiful, and don’t you just want Onodera to finally admit he loves Masamune, and commit to him whole-heartedly?

Wakaba, by the way, is lead vocalist and guitarist Kameda Dai, lyricist Tsukamoto Nobuo, and guitars, harpist and singer Matsui Ryota.

Their latest music release was the single ‘Dialogue‘ back in 2020.

(listen to that below)


Listen to the full version of Ashita,Boku wa Kimi ni Ai ni Yuku by Wakaba in the video and on the Spotify player. But be careful as it is ridiculously addictive.


Michelle Topham