Sergej Ćetković Sings ‘Moj Svijet’ for Montenegro at Eurovision 2014: Countdown to Eurovision 2015

montenegro Eurovision 2014

In today’s Eurovision 2015 Countdown, I’m showcasing an artist and a song I loved at last year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen.

An artist and song that didn’t do as well as I would have thought they would — Sergej Ćetković and his lovely ballad ‘Moj Svijet‘.


Sergej sang for Montenegro at Eurovision, and what was interesting about his song and performance was it was the first time ever that Montenegro made it through to the grand final at ESC. Montenegro ultimately finished in 19th place.

Not a bad place at all for a first time appearance on the big night, but I still would have liked it if the results had been a little better for him.

The song itself is such a romantic ballad it gave me goosebumps every time I heard it. It has a definite Celtic feel to it, the staging is simple but beautiful, and Ćetković’s performance is lovely.

Here is Sergej Ćetković singing ‘Moj Svijet‘ for Montenegro live at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. Enjoy.



Michelle Topham