Seven of the Best Xbox Games for 2017 — ‘Rise and Shine’, ‘Subterrain’, ‘Metrico +’ and More (Video)

Looking for some great games to play on Xbox One in 2017? Then this excellent Xbox On video showcasing seven of the best Xbox games you may not have heard about will give you some truly superb games to try.

Games like Rise & Shine, in which a young boy is tasked with saving the world of video games.


If you love gorgeous graphics you will definitely want to play this. But do be warned, this shooter created by a Spanish indie developers is an incredibly difficult game to beat, with the final boss taking upwards of 90 minutes to kill. In fact, Rise and Shine may end up being one of those games that destroys your monitor. After you beat it to death with a mallet, that is. But, if you love the challenge of brutal games, then this one could be for you.

Subterrain is another Xbox game that is just ridiculously hard. It all takes place on a massive randomly generated world — in this case, Mars — where you will have to manage the entire colony yourself, while you struggle to get off the colony and off back home, as everyone else is dead.

It does have everything, though, and it demands everything from you, including the ability to craft, research, explore, and fight. Just try not to die while you’re doing it all.

The Assembly is a first-person adventure game that has you as one of two underground scientists (you play both at different times in the game), who are part of a secret organization (The Assembly) that is conducting experiments they would rather not have the government know about.

It’s full of puzzles, evidence gathering and travel through The Assembly’s underground facility and, if you love a good story, you may really enjoy this one.


Then there’s The Sun and the Moon, which is a puzzle game in which you bounce around different platforms collecting little balls, while trying to avoid spikes that will kill you.

The game has a twist in the form of a gravity element, though, which makes it quite a bit more difficult, and more interesting to play.

Another Xbox puzzle game is Metrico +, a game in which you don’t do much else but run and jump around various platforms, but with a weird mathematical twist. Not for me, as I never understood pie charts and the like. You, however, may be in your element.

Toby: The Secret Mine looks just like Limbo, but this one stars Toby who sets off on an adventure to save the folks in his town that have been kidnapped. Like Limbo, it’s horrendously difficult, so do be prepared to spend a fair bit of time on this game. It does look gorgeous, though, while you’re playing it.

And finally, if you’re looking for the best Xbox games for 2017, check out Towerfall: Ascension — a Battle Royale arena game concentrating on archery combat. You can play it as a single player, but multi-player is really where this game excels.

As for Xbox On, the creators of this video, their channel is currently being produced and managed by The Yogscast. Take a look at their channel, and you’ll see what a beautiful job the lads at Yogs Tower are doing so far.

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