Sex and the City 3 Being Planned? Oh Dear God, Let’s Hope So (Video)

Poster for Sex and the City 2


According to Elle, there’s a distinct possibility Sex and the City 3 may soon become a reality, which for those of us who are obsessed with Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda is huge, huge news.

That’s because Jennifer Hudson has been dropping hints to Dish Nation about talks regarding a third film in the Sex and the City series (see video below), and Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis have been on Twitter adding fuel to the fire.

All I can say is I will ‘squeeee’ really loudly if this news turns out to be true — although, lets hope a Sex and the City 3 would be more on the lines of the first movie, which was hilarious, and not that truly awful second.

Of course, since Sex and the City 2 was released in 2010, the girls have been getting a bad rap from critics who now think Carrie is one of the most annoying TV characters ever, and the rest of the girls “the worst role models for adolescent girls”. So, if this does happen, don’t expect the critics to like it.

Good job I wasn’t an adolescent girl when I watched every episode of all six seasons over and over again to a point where I could quote the lines then, isn’t it? (Come on, you humourless twits, it’s not meant to be serious –  it’s a TV show and pure entertainment).

As for Sex and the City 3, I’ll keep you posted as news becomes available, but with this much of a rumble coming from various people associated with the last two films, this movie could very well become a reality.

Oh dear God, let’s hope so.

Michelle Topham