Sexiest Moments on The Graham Norton Show: 6 Minutes of Hilarity (Video)

sexiest moments on graham norton

While there are several talk shows I love to watch, nobody, and I repeat nobody runs a talk show better than British talk show host Graham Norton. Not only does he get the best guests in the world, but he is also the funniest host ever.

So, when I saw his YouTube channel had put up a ‘Sexiest Moments on The Graham Norton Show‘ video, I had to watch it. Over and over again.

Because this video is six minutes of absolute hilarity, with guests ranging from Olly Murs to Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren to Will Smith, and Jim Carrey to Ian McKellen and Shirley Bassey. All of them telling funny stories that might be construed as ‘sexy’ but……probably not.

Watch the ‘Sexiest Moments on The Graham Norton Show‘ below. It really is the funniest thing.

Michelle Topham