Shania Twain Looks Beautiful at 2014 Billboard Music Awards (Video)

shania twain billboard music awards 2014

Every time I see country music star Shania Twain, I’m always struck by how little she changes. Thin, elegant and gorgeous, even now at age 48 she barely looks any older than she did when she first started out. I’m saying this, of course, because I’ve just come across another video of Shania Twain looking beautiful. This time on the red carpet at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards this week.

In the Billboard video, Shania is asked what she thinks about the state of women in country music right now. Are there enough? Is the caliber as high as it was in the past?


Interestingly, Twain says she thinks “it’s pretty great”. She then goes on to say women in country music shouldn’t worry about “what’s in and what’s not in” but instead they need to “set their own trends and be unique and original”.

You can see the whole interview with Shania Twain at the Billboard Music Awards 2014 in the video below.