Shaun the Sheep Video Trailer ‘Can Ewe Kick It?’: This Movie Will Be Funny

shaun the sheep movie still


Being originally from northern England and loving smart British humour, I’m a huge fan of that funny pair Wallace and Gromit and their creator Nick Park.


That means I’m also eagerly anticipating the latest stop-motion animation movie from Nick Park and his company Aardman Animations.

Called ‘Shaun the Sheep‘, and starring the adorable Shaun from past Aardman movies and shorts, the movie isn’t due to be released until February, 2015, but its financier Studio Canal is already releasing video trailers and, yep, it’s going to be adorably cute and funny.


red card shaun the sheep movie still


The latest Shaun the Sheep video trailer was just released a few hours ago and in it we get to see Shaun playing football. As well as any other British footballer too, I must admit, even if the other side is cheating.

The trailer is called ‘Can Ewe Kick It?’ and you can watch it below. (Although here’s a quick hint – it’s not actually a video trailer from the Shaun the Sheep movie. Instead it’s part of the first episode of the Shaun the Sheep TV series released a few years ago).

But, yes, even with that in mind and taking the risk of sounding eternally stupid, I’m going out on a limb to say this is also my most anticipated movie of the next year (after saying that about both The Boxtrolls and Paddington yesterday).


shaun the sheep sheep movie stills


Come on. A funny British kids’ movie about a human-like sheep, another British kids’ movie about my favorite childhood bear, and the third (yep, it’s British as well – and Australian and American) based on one of the best childrens books written in the last few years? How could you not be British and not be desperately waiting for these three awesome movies?

And, by the way, if you haven’t had the good fortune to see Shaun the Sheep in action before, there are a boatload of episodes of the TV series up on YouTube. Go seek them out.