Shawn Mendes’ New Single ‘Mercy’ All About Unrequited Love (Video)

Shawn Mendes Mercy

Canadian singer songwriter Shawn Mendes has released the next single from his upcoming new album Illuminate. This one is called ‘Mercy’, it’s the fourth song from the album, and it’s a bit of a heartbreaker.

Because this is Shawn Mendes singing about unrequited love, and how he would love to be set free.

And with lyrics like — Consuming all the air inside my lungs/ Ripping all the skin from off my bones/ I’m prepared to sacrifice my life/ I would gladly do it twice — it’s a good song for anyone who is in love with someone who just isn’t loving them back. Because it will make you cry.


Listen to Shawn Mendes’ new single ‘Mercy‘ in the video below. And pre-order his album Illuminate from all major digital music sites. It is due for release on September 23rd.

Michelle Topham