Aussies Sheppard US Debut on The Ellen Show with ‘Geronimo’: Rocking Song (Video)

shepphard on the ellen show australian band


Australian indie pop band had their American TV debut this week on The Ellen Show, and they rocked it with their hit single ‘Geronimo‘, a light-hearted pop number with a nice beat that’s already done very well in Australia. (Number 1 on the Aussie singles charts for three weeks).

Sheppard hail from Brisbane, where they formed in 2009 as a duo first of all when brother and sister Amy and George Sheppard got together to work on a music project for Amy for school.


Younger sister Emma joined the group a couple of years later, as did Jay Bovino on guitar, Michael Butler on guitar, and Jared Tredly on drums. Dean Gordon replaced Jared Tredly a couple of years later.

Nowadays, Sheppard are making a name for themselves as contenders for the upcoming Australian ARIA Music Awards big winners after being nominated in seven categories for their new album ‘Bombs Away‘.

Listen to Sheppard sing ‘Geronimo’ live on The Ellen Show. Catchy, eh?

Michelle Topham