Sheridan Smith Wins National Television Award, Can’t Collect It Due to Traffic (Video)

sheridan smith national television awards cilla


Poor Sheridan Smith was reduced to tears on Tuesday night while, stuck in traffic in the back of a taxi on the way to the National Television Awards, she discovered she had won an award for Best Drama Performance for ‘Cilla’. Her co-stars had to get up on stage and accept the award for her.

Not too phased, however, when Sheridan did finally arrive at the NTAs, after more than three hours stuck in traffic, she jumped up on stage simply to say “Thank you” and to apologize for not being there. Lots of class that woman.

In an interview backstage afterwards (see video below), the lovely and gracious Sheridan Smith said she was absolutely stunned to win the NTA as she didn’t think she “stood a chance” against all the other fabulous actors who were nominated.


Michelle Topham