Sherlock Special First Clip Released And, Yes, It’s The Victorian Era (Video)

sherlock_special 2015

Okay, so it’s only July, and it’s hotter than hell in half the countries on the planet, but the BBC has just released the first clip of the Sherlock Christmas special. And it’s something that is already thrilling Sherlock fans around the world no end.

The interesting thing about this one? Apparently, Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Watson (Martin Freeman) will be in the Victorian-era for it. In a story that is completely separate from the rest of the series and, yes, does involve time travel.


As for the first clip from the special, it’s just a bit of bantering between Sherlock, Watson and Mrs. Hudson as Sherlock and Dr. Watson arrive home after solving another case. And, when asked if he’d caught the murderer, there’s a fun Sherlock line —

“Caught the murderer, still looking for the legs. Think we’ll call it a draw”.

Watch the first clip from the Sherlock special below. And, just like the Doctor Who ‘The Day of the Doctor’ special, you can currently pre-order the Sherlock Christmas special if you like the look of it.

And, yes, I already have.