Shin Hyun Been and Ryu Jun Yeol starring in Netflix mystery movie ‘Revelations’

Shin Hyun Been, director Yeon Sang Ho and Ryu Jun Yeol

I must admit, any time a Korean drama or film starring Shin Hyun Been is promoted, I am “all in” before I even hear what it’s about.

Come on, the superb Korean actress has been one of the standouts in phenomenal dramas like last year’s Tell Me That You Love Me, Hospital Playlist, Reborn Rich and Mistress just to name a few, as well as in films like Beasts Clawing at Straws.

So, to hear Shin Hyun Been is now confirmed as starring in new Netflix film Revelations alongside Ryun Jun Yeol, an equally brilliant actor and currently starring in Netflix’s The 8 Show, just made my day.

The confirmation of Shin Hyun Been and Ryun Jun Yeol starring in Revelations was made by Netflix earlier today, along with details about the production.

What is the Revelations plot?

According to Netflix, Revelations is being directed by The Bequeathed and Hellbound director Yeon Sang Ho and writer Choi Gyu Seok (Hellbound).

It is based on a webtoon of the same name created by both Yeon Sang Ho and Choi Gyu Seok.

Revelations is a psychological mystery movie as it follows the story of pastor (played by Ryun Jun Yeol) and detective (Shin Hyun Been) who come into contact with each other due to an abduction case.

It begins when Pastor Min Chan has a divine revelation that a man named Yang Rae, who visits him at his small church, is the person who abducted his son.

Flung into an obsessive revenge, Min Chan heads down a path into possible madness as he pursues Yang Rae.

Meanwhile, police detective Yeon Hee is investigating Yang Rae who is a suspect in a missing person case, but is also haunted by her own demons involving the death of her sister due to a criminal act.

As Yeon Hee continues her investigation, she comes across pastor Min Chan, who also seems incredibly suspicious.

Yep, this one sounds suitably creepy and disturbing. Yay!

Revelations is being produced by WOW POINT, who also brought us The Bequeathed and the recent anime-based series Parasyte: The Grey.

There is no word yet on when Revelations will release on the streaming platform, but we will keep you updated here on Leo Sigh as more details are announced.

Until then, you can watch Shin Hyun Been in Reflection of You on Netflix, while Ryu Jun Yeol is starring in The 8 Show on the streaming platform.

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