Shiness Characters Trailer Shows What These 5 Adventurers Can Do (Video)

Shiness characters

Who are the Shiness characters, and what can they do?

The upcoming new Kickstarted indie action RPG Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom has just received a new trailer, and this one introduces the video game’s characters Chado, Poky, Rosalya, Askel, and Kayenne.

These Shiness characters all have their own physical skills and magic that can be used to solve puzzles you will come across while traveling through the game’s massive open world, as well as in battle to defeat their enemies.

Chado — Chado is Waki and his dream is to set out from his home as an adventurer, so he can see what the wide world has to offer. Recently he has been talking to Shiness, a spirit from nature, but people in his village make fun of him as nobody believes he can see it.

Chado’s magic power is he can summon a rock that he can use either as a weapon or as a counterweight.

Poky — He is also Waki, and is a close friend of Chado’s. Poky’s main skill is the ability to fix or build anything. At the beginning of the game, he is working on Chado’s dream of a flying boat.

He is also able to conjure a beam of light that can be used to attract an enemy robot towards him.

Kayenne — Kayenne is Shelk, and is led by his strong morals. His goal is to help Rosalya be reunited with her people, so he accompanies her on her quest. Kayenne is telekinetic, which means he can move objects with his mind. He uses this to throw things in battle, or to manipulate levers and switches.

Rosalya — Rosalya is one of two humans in the game, and the only female character. (Why do developers do that?) She does not know much about her past, but she is determined to find out. She can invoke a magic fire that can be used to light up her surroundings, and to reveal hidden enemies.

Askel — The other human, Askel is in love with Rosalya. He is also a mercenary and, as soon as Rosalya leaves her village with Kayenne, he sets out to find them. Askel has a Rose Whip that he can use to steal things from his enemies, as well as grab things that would otherwise be out of reach.

All five characters travel together across the Celestial Islands in a flying boat. When the boat crash lands, they find themselves between several warring parties bent on destroying each other. It is up to them to try to stop the war, and the spirit Shiness may be able to help.

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom will be released on April 18th for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and on PC. You can currently grab the PC version of the game on Steam for 15% off if you pre-order.

You will also get a 129 page PDF file of the manga comic from the game, as well as the game’s soundtrack.

Watch the Shiness characters trailer below for more on each one.

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