Shirley Bassey’s ‘Where Do I Begin (Love Story)’ Is An Astounding Performance – Repeat Rotation Video

shirley bassey where i do begin love story

When I was a kid, ‘Where Do I Begin (Love Story)‘ was one of my favorite songs. It was a song that started out as an instrumental in the 1970 film Love Story, and then eventually had lyrics added to it and was released as a single after the instrumental became popular. It then became a massive hit.

Where Do I Begin (Love Story)’ was recorded by many people over the years, but my favorite version will always be by the amazing Shirley Bassey, as her version was more dramatic than most of the others.

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So, today, I’ve been listening to Shirley Bassey’s ‘Where Do I Begin (Love Story)‘ as my Repeat Rotation Video. The video of Bassey singing it is from a 1973 TV special All About Shirley, and it’s a slower version of the song than how she often sang it in later years. A version I much prefer.

Bassey, of course, is astounding singing it as she puts her whole being into the song. A being that never cares how she looks or if the dramatic gestures seem slightly over the top. It’s just her style, and she’s perfectly comfortable in it.

Watch her below, and marvel at talent like that.



Michelle Topham