Sienna Miller Has No Balls, That’s What She Told David Letterman (Video)

sienna miller has no balls david letterman


As a woman who definitely has a big pair of balls (sorry, I’ve always had them – little frightens me, I always stand up for myself and I’ll pretty much say anything to anyone), I was surprised to see Sienna Miller on David Letterman this week admitting that no, no, she has no balls. No balls at all. Weird to me, as I’ve always thought she was a woman with a gigantic pair.

Funnily, though, Sienna Miller only has no balls when it comes to her 2-year-old daughter, a little girl she says is ‘breaking her balls’ at every step.

This casual comment then disintegrated into Sienna apologizing for talking about her non-existent balls, blaming Letterman for the topic ever even coming up, and Letterman refusing to take any responsibility at all, asking “At any point did I say, tell me about your balls?”.

It’s a funny video, Sienna Miller talking about her balls. Watch it below. (And God, I love her hairstyle).