SimCity Airships DLC Set Adds Blimps, Hot Air Balloons But Traffic Still Screwed Up

The disaster that was SimCity is still pumping out DLC, although how well they’ll play in the actual game is anyone’s guess. The latest SimCity DLC to be released is — the SimCity Airships DLC set — which comes with two airships — a Commuter Airship for workers and a Tourist Airship for visitors to town — two hot air balloon parks complete with a variety of balloons and an event blimp for any football games or other events you might end up hosting.

The two airships are especially compelling as they’re supposed to cut down on traffic around town, due to people being hoisted up into the air and away from jamming up your city’s roads.

The problem with the new SimCity Airships DLC set, however, is this. Many gamers are saying the DLC set is nothing more than a patch to fix the game’s abysmal traffic system, which still doesn’t work and likely never will. So, in effect, gamers get to pay — for a patch for a game that developers simply are unable to fix. Nice EA, huh?

The SimCity Airships DLC is already live and costs $8.99 for a digital download, if you’re one of those people who likes to throw good money after bad.

And yes, SimCity still requires always-on internet and EA are still having server problems. SimCity is also still loaded with bugs so rarely plays correctly.

Any more questions? Or would you like to give EA another 9 bucks of your hard-earned money for one of the most broken games ever released?

Michelle Topham