SimCity Bridges and Tunnels: Will Update 7 Fix Traffic Problems?


SimCity gets bridges and tunnels, but will your traffic problems be solved?

Whenever I hear there’s another SimCity 2013 update coming out, the first thing I ask is “Do people still play this?”, as I don’t know anyone who bought the game when it first came out five months ago that even bothers to boot it up anymore. SimCity sucks that much. But Electronic Arts is apparently still issuing updates for SimCity, so I’m guessing some people must be.

The latest SimCity update 7 is due to be released this month and, according to EA, SimCity bridges and tunnels are now…….go. That means you can finally fix your traffic problems. But will it work? Will it?


Well……….this time it actually might. The SimCity update 7 is going to add easily build-able bridges and tunnels, (that do look kind of cool) so you can finally either bury those traffic-jammed roads completely, or stick a bridge over them to divert some of your horrendous traffic elsewhere. EA has even put out a very nice video complete with sexy French accent showing you how – and, yes, it’s simple (see below).

SimCity bridges and tunnels? They actually might be a game changer – literally. And only five months since release.


Michelle Topham