Simon Cowell Says One Direction to Make 2 More Albums: Then May Break Up?

one direction 2 more albums

Depending on how you look at it, the latest news about British boy band One Direction is a good thing — or not. That is because Simon Cowell revealed this week One Direction will make at least two more albums together, but that he feels like the boys will eventually break up and go off to work on individual projects.

Two albums — good news. Break up — for One Direction fans, not so much.

One Direction are currently in the studio working on their fourth album. So that means, after this one is complete, there may only be one more left.


Then again, you cannot always believe everything Simon Cowell says. So, until we hear it straight from the boys themselves, I would say keep on enjoying One Direction’s music and don’t worry just yet about them breaking up.

You can, of course, hear about what Cowell had to say about the band in the ODE video below.

Michelle Topham