SK8 the Infinity Season 2 and OVA announced – more amazing skateboarding action on its way (Trailer)

A SK8 the Infinity Second Season has been announced, along with a new OVA.

Considering the sports anime was one of the most popular of Winter 2021 (not surprising when you remember it’s insane skateboarding action scenes), the announcement couldn’t have come soon enough.

The main staff (and likely the main cast) will all be returning for Season 2, with anime production being carried out by anime studio BONES. Again.

According to Comic Natalie, director Hiroko Otsumi will be back to direct, Ichiro Okouchi is again in charge of series composition, and Michinori Chiba will be creating the SK8 the Infinity character designs.

Along with the SK8 the Infinity Season 2 announcement, a short teaser trailer for both the upcoming season and the new OVA was released and, yep, those amazing skateboarding skills will be back.

(Sure, they break the laws of physics but…)

For those who need a plot reminder, SK8 the Infinity takes place in Okinawa, Japan and follows high school student Reki as he gets involved in the underground skateboarding race ‘S’ that runs after midnight in an abandoned mine.

The anime is all about mondo skills, rivalries and an underground skate culture that is fascinating.

Watch the SK8 the Infinity Season 2 trailer below and, if you liked the first season, remind yourself why you loved it so much.

If you didn’t watch it, why?


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