Skyforge Weapons Skyrim Mod: New Craftable Weapon Sets (Video)

Not a big fan of the vanilla Skyforge weapons in Skyrim? No worries. Skyrim modder Dreogan has just released a Skyforge Weapons Skyrim mod that’s absolutely terrific. It not only improves on the vanilla Skyforge weapons themselves, it also adds completely four new craftable weapons sets that are very very nice.

The mod starts off by replacing the vanilla Skyforge weapons set that you get from Eorlund Graymane with some new weapons with gorgeous textures. All the sets can be made from Ebony, Steel, Dwemer metal, Orichalcum and Moonstone, which gives you a lot of choice. Once you’ve used them, you can also upgrade each weapon at the grindstone, which will serve to increase the attack power of each.

Another nice thing too is, if you’re currently only playing the vanilla Skyrim game, with the Skyforge Weapons Skyrim mod, you don’t require Dawnguard or Hearthfire add-ons either.

Check out the Brodual Skyforge Weapons Skyrim Mod video below, and then download the mod at Skyrim Nexus.


Michelle Topham