Skyrim mod Signature Equipment lets weapons and armor scale through achievement — cool

The British YouTube vloggers Brodual have released a new overview video for the Skyrim mod Signature Equipment — a mod that allows your weapons and armor to scale through achievement.

In other words, the Skyrim Signature Equipment mod allows you to do away with buying or forging weapons and armor, and instead has both of them level up with your character as her or she levels up. It just means you have to use the same equipment and armor, so that they get the stats and value to become legendary pieces. Items progress in stats and value as you kill enemies, so you get even more of a reward for being victorious in battle.

The way your items progress also depends on the level of the enemies you face, as those with higher levels allow you to level up your weapons and armor faster.

The Skyrim Signature Equipment mod also gives you the option of either choosing the equipment you want to play with, leveling it up as much as possible and playing with only it throughout an entire playthrough. Or you can level your weapons and armor up for a while, then sell it on to a local merchant so you can earn more gold to buy something else you like even more.

The mod also scales up unarmed damage, so if you are playing as an unarmed character you will still get the benefits from every fight you are in.

The Brodual lads have also included information about other Skryim mods that add iconic equipment and weapons to Skyrim that may be fun to use alongside Signature Equipment.

Watch Brodual’s Skyrim Signature Equipment video below for more info. And, of course, read all about the requirements to run Signature Equipment correctly on the mod download page on NexusMods.

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Michelle Topham