The Skyrim Mod: ‘Vigor — Combat and Injuries’ is a Huge Mod with Massive Number of Features

The British brothers Brodual are back this week with yet another excellent Skyrim mod video. Their latest is for the popular Skyrim mod Vigor — Combat and Injuries. A lightweight combat mod that focuses on stamina, injuries and reactive combat.

One of the great things about this mod is it is incredibly customizable. That means every feature can be changed to your personal taste, or disabled completely if you decide you don’t want to use it.

Features, though, are varied with a huge number to choose to play with — or to avoid.

With Vigor –Combat and Injuries, for instance, your stamina is no longer a common resource that you only use for certain actions. Instead, it acts as a proper energy reserve, just like it would in real life. That also means, however, that you have to keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t get too drained.

If, for instance, you’re carrying a huge war hammer, expect your stamina to drain much faster than it would if you were carrying a sword. Or, if you are wearing a heavy suite of armor, you are going to use up your stamina far faster when moving than you would if you were wearing leather.

You will also need to manage your stamina well during combat as, if you don’t, fatigue will set in and you could be in trouble.

As for when you get injured, passive health generation will be disabled once you fall below 90 percent health. That means your only option will be to heal yourself with potions, enchantments or poultices.

The mod also improves NPCs combat. It makes them more aggressive and more responsive to player attacks.

Other features of the Vigor — Combat and Injuries mod include a more realistic melee weapon range, elemental and magic resistances are capped at 80 percent, enemy archers are less accurate and there is even a toggle so you can turn friendly fire on and off.

These are just a few of the features of the Vigor — Combat and Injuries mod, as this thing really is huge. You can find out more about everything included, and download the mob on its Skyrim Nexus mods page.

And, of course, watch the excellent Brodual showcase video of the mod below.

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