Skyrim NPC Knockout Overhaul Mod: Incapacitate Your Enemies (Video)

The Skyrim NPC Knockout Overhaul mod is perfect for anyone who loves to knock out their enemies rather than kill them. That’s because the entire mod focuses on different ways to knock out your Skyrim enemies, as well as things you can do to them or with them once they are incapacitated.

These things include moving the body to a different place before they wake up, or stealing what they are carrying on them. Knocking out an NPC will even allow you to have a handy snack that doesn’t fight back, if you’re a vampire, that is.

Do remember, though, once the Skyrim NPC Knockout Overhaul mod is installed, you won’t have the ability to knock unconscious every NPC you come across. NPCs like dragon priests, ghosts, skeletons, animals, skeevers, giants, trolls and a whole slew of other NPCs are completely immune, so do be sure to read all the instructions before you go off prowling.

For more on the Skyrim NPC Knockout Overhaul mod, check out the as always excellent Brodual mod spotlight video below.

You can download it from SkyrimNexus.