Skyrim Touring Carriages Mod: An Awesome Way to Travel Around the 9 Holds

Skyrim Touring Carriages mod: an awesome way to travel around the nine holds

The Skyrim Touring Carriages mod is quite a nice little mod. It’s taken its inspiration from two other mods ‘Scenic Carriages’ and ‘Real Carriages’, but the modder has picked out some of the best elements of both to create Touring Carriages – a mod where you can actually see what’s going on around you as you travel, instead of just automatically being transported to where you want to go.

Sure, it takes longer, but it’s a lot more enjoyable, particularly as the carriage driver gives you loads of local information as you travel — just like many a real-world taxi driver might.

Where can you go with the Skyrim Touring Carriages mod?


Using the Skyrim Touring Carriages mod, you can travel to all nine holds, and as all the carriage routes are programmed to meet at each hold’s capital, it’s easy to transfer from one to the other.

DayDreamer, the modder, also says it’s an easy mod to install but even easier to uninstall if you decide, for whatever reason, you’re not going to use it anymore as it just puts your Skyrim game back to the vanilla version for carriages.

As per usual, check out the excellent Brodual video below for more information about the Skryim Touring Carriages mod and visit SkyrimNexus to download it.


Michelle Topham