Skyrim Unbound Mod Allows You to Play a Completely Different Game (Video)

Skyrim Unbound mod allows you to play a different game

If you’ve already played through Skyrim and are looking for a different approach, you might want to look at the Skyrim Unbound mod. It allows you to ignore the main quest line and head off on one of ten different paths. That way, you can avoid playing as the Dragonborn and, instead, start off on a completely different game.

How does the Skyrim Unbound mod work?

Once installed, you’ll fire up the game as always and see the same starting screen. Once that’s done, however, you’ll then be told to go to the Skyrim Unbound mod and a menu will appear with a number of interesting options. Once you’ve chosen how you want to play the game, you’ll also need to choose which of the 10 paths you’re going to take — a traveler, a recruit, a vagrant, a lawbreaker etc.

You’ll also be able to toggle on and off options like if you’ll have random dragon spawns, dragon soul absorption, scripted dragon encounters etc.

The character you choose will then cause you to spawn in a different location for each character, as well as give you character-oriented items.

To find out more about the Skyrim Unbound mod, check out the as-always-excellent Brodual video below.

Michelle Topham