Slovenia’s Maraaya in Press Conference at Eurovision 2015 – Being a Couple, ‘Here For You’ and Creativity (Video)

maraaya press conference eurovision 2015

Maraaya gives first press conference at Eurovision 2015 at Wiener Stadthalle

Maraaya, Slovenia’s representative to Eurovision 2015, gave their first press conference earlier in the week. The pop duo talked about being a couple, their song ‘Here For You‘, and how Marjetka always wearing headphones to perform on stage came about.

When asked about the headphones, Marjetka said she first started wearing them as she was very nervous performing on stage, and wearing them made her feel more comfortable.

Maraaya also told the gathered press about their new upcoming album, which will release towards the end of 2015 and will include their four current hit singles (‘Here For You‘ is one of them). ‘Here For You, of course, was written by Charlie Mason, the same lyricist who wrote Conchita Wurst’s ‘Rise Like a Phoenix‘. Mason has collaborated with Maraaya for more than three years, so this is just one of his songs that they sing.

Interesting too, both Marjetka and her husband Raay said having two sons made them get even more excited about their music career as, unlike some parents who feel having children “killed their creativity”, for them it gave them even more drive and creativity to produce music.

Watch Marjetka and Raay, aka Maraaya, in their first Eurovision 2015 press conference below. It’s a nice one. And they are a lovely couple.

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