Solo Leveling English dub cast includes Aleks Le, Michelle Rojas and Ian Sinclair – yep, a heavy hitter cast again

Crunchyroll has announced the Solo Leveling English dub cast and, as you might expect, it features many of the anime industry’s English language voice acting heavy hitters.

The Solo Leveling English dub cast was announced during Crunchyroll’s panel at Anime NYC yesterday.

And it was nice to see the anime streaming platform getting ahead of the anime’s official release in January, 2024, rather than waiting until the first few episodes are out in Japanese like they often do.

Anyway, back to Solo Leveling‘s English dub cast, as it does include a couple of my favorites (Michelle Rojas and Ian Sinclair).

The full list of voice actors announced, which covers the main actors plus most of the anime’s supporting cast, looks like this:

Aleks Le (Mash in Mashle) is voicing Sung Jinwoo

Rebecca Wang is playing Sung Jinah

Michelle Rojas (Roxy in Mushoku Tensei) is voicing Cha Hae-in

Ian Sinclair (Brook in One Piece) voices Choi Jong-in

Christopher Sabat (Zoro in One Piece) is playing  Baek Yoonho

SungWon Cho (Kage in Ousama Ranking) is voicing Woo Jinchul

Kent Williams (Atsuhiro in My Hero Academia) plays Go Gunhee

Dani Chambers (Chise in The Ancient Magus’ Bride) voices Lee Joohee

The English language dub of Solo Leveling is being directed by long-time voice actress herself and now director Caitlin Glass (Ousama Ranking).

What is Solo Leveling?

The long-awaited Solo Leveling anime is based on the enormously popular Korean web novel of the same name (나 혼자만 레벨업 in Korean) written by Chugong.

The web novel first got a webtoon adaptation in early 2018, with the Solo Leveling anime adaptation being announced at Anime Expo 2022.

A short plot of Solo Leveling looks like this:

Solo Leveling tells the story of 20-year-old Sung Jinwoo, a weak hunter in a world where “hunters” (aka warriors with supernatural powers) have been tasked with saving humanity after a mysterious place called “the Gate” suddenly appears connecting the human world with that of monsters and magic.

Jinwoo has no choice but to continue to fight, even at the risk of being easily slaughtered, as he is the only one who can pay his sick mother’s mounting medical bills. So he continues to struggle with every battle, until one day his party is almost annihilated by a truly powerful adversary.

But when Jinwoo wakes up from the battle in a hospital bed, instead of being dead, he discovers a program called the System has chosen him as its solo player.

From now on, the System will not only level him up every time he kills a monster, but has also given him the power to be able to turn those monsters into minions that will now do his bidding.

It now appears Jinwoo may go from “the world’s weakest hunter” to one of its strongest.

The Solo Leveling novel series ended publication in October, 2017 and the webtoon in late December, 2021.

Yen Press is publishing both the novel and webtoon adaptation, but is a little behind on both.

Currently, the American publishing company has published eight volumes of the 13-volume novel, and seven of the nine-volume webtoon with the 8th volume coming out in January, 2024.

The action adventure anime is being animated by A-1 Pictures (Mashle/Sword Art Online), and directed by Shunsuke Nakashige (Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory).

The Solo Leveling anime series is scheduled to premiere in January, 2024 via Crunchyroll.

Watch the recently released and explosive Solo Leveling trailer, and you will see why that day can’t come soon enough for half of Animedom.

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