Solo Leveling English Dub out soon – Aleks Le does stellar job as Sung Jin Woo via trailer

The Solo Leveling English dub has official got a premiere date

Fans of English dubbed anime will be thrilled to hear the Solo Leveling English dub is on its way with the dub of Episode 1 officially getting a premiere date — January 20th, 2024.


The voice actors who will be playing the Solo Leveling English language cast were also announced a couple of months ago.

That announcement came along with a 2 minute 20 second Solo Leveling English dub trailer a few weeks later so you can hear just how they will sound. (watch below)

Now I only watch original Japanese language anime, so the English dub of the fantasy action adventure anime is not targeted at people like me.

That being said, from the Solo Leveling English dub trailer, it is pretty obvious the VAs know their stuff.

That goes in particular for Aleks Le, who is voicing protagonist Sung Jin Woo, and who does an absolutely stellar job in that 2 minute clip alone.

The rest of the Solo Leveling English dub cast includes:

  • Justin Briner voices Yoo Jin Ho
  • Rebecca Wang is Sung Jin Ah
  • Michelle Rojas plays Cha Hae In
  • Ian Sinclair is Choi Jong In
  • Christopher R. Sabat voices Baek Yoon Ho
  • Kent Williams plays Go Gun Hee
  • Sung Won Cho is Woo Jin Chul
  • Dani Chambers voices Lee Joo Hee

Caitlin Glass is the ADR Director.

The original Japanese Solo Leveling anime is being directed by Shunsuke Nakashige, with Noboru Kimura in charge of scripts, and character designs by Tomoko Sudo.

Hirotaka Tokuda is creating those cool monster designs.

A-1 Pictures is in charge of anime production and, if you have seen the first Japanese language episode, you will have to agree they have done a superb job so far.

Watch the new Solo Leveling English dub trailer below, while the original Japanese language episodes of the anime are premiering via Crunchyroll now.

If you prefer an English dub though, you only have a few days to wait.