Solo Leveling manwha Vol 8 out next week – Jin Woo Sung establishes a guild

If you are as addicted to the ongoing Solo Leveling anime series as half the anime fans I know, you may want to grab the Solo Leveling manwha to fill in some of the details an anime cannot always include.


The latest volume of the action adventure manwha (or comic as the American publisher calls it) — Solo Leveling, Volume 8 — is due out via the Yen Press imprint Ize Press on January 23rd, 2024, a few months after Volume 7 came out last August.


According to the publisher, the plot follows on from Volume 7 like this:

After his victory on Jeju Island, the top guilds are all clamoring to recruit Jin Woo Sung, the strongest S-rank hunter and the hero of Korea—a far cry from the hapless E-rank hunter he used to be.

As exciting as each new development is, however, Jin Woo’s eager to finally get some answers, so an invitation from the system to return to the double dungeon that changed his life is a welcome opportunity.

He will have to put the visit on the back burner, though, because first things first—Jin Woo has a guild to establish!

Solo Leveling (aka 나 혼자만 레벨업 in Korean) was written by Chugong, with art by the late DUBU(Redice Studio).

DUBU, aka Jang Sung Rak, was the CEO of Redice Studio, but he unfortunately died from a cerebral hemorrhage in mid-2022 at the still young age of 40.

The English language version of the manwha was translated by Hye Young Im and J. Torres.

Pre-order the Solo Leveling Volume 8 manwha via Yen Press now, or grab it in either paperback edition or digital (or both) when it publishes on January 23rd.

If you have not begun watching the Solo Leveling anime that premiered on January 7th, 2024, check out its trailer below.

The anime is currently one of the most popular anime of early 2024 and, believe me, there are plenty of good reasons for it.


Steve Reynolds